Frequently Asked Questions



Do you take in strays?

We do not. All strays should immediately go to the Wichita Animal Shelter to give their owners a chance to be reunited with them. The dogs in our program are selected from those that are not reclaimed by their owners.

Where is your facility?

We do not have a facility. All of the dogs in our program are kept in private homes in foster care. Our dogs can be seen at regularly scheduled show times at several local businesses. Please see the Events tab on our website for specific times and locations.

I could never foster. How can you give them up?

As a foster parent, you take in a dog knowing that it is not yours. It’s like watching a friend’s pet until they return from a vacation. But in this instance, you just don’t know who the owner is yet. The anticipation of finding that owner is exciting, and when you do find the right home, it is easy to let them go. You know that dog is safe and loved forever and you can now help another one. Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience. 

Do you adopt outside the Wichita area?

There are exceptions to every rule, but we primarily adopt in the Wichita area only. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. Our primary reason for adopting locally is because of cost and time constraints created for our foster parents by travelling outside the area for our home visits and adoptions.

Why do you require a fenced yard?

Most of the dogs in our program are unclaimed strays from the Wichita Animal Shelter. Because they were picked up by Animal Control, the only thing we know about them is that they wandered away from their previous owners. A fenced yard could help keep history from repeating itself. Once again, there are exceptions to every rule, but generally speaking, a fenced yard is a requirement.

Why must all pets in a household be spayed or neutered in order to adopt from Kansas K9 ResQ?

There are millions of homeless animals because of overbreeding. Unneutered males will roam in search of a mate, are frequently more aggressive, and will fight with other males. Neutering reduces or eliminates those issues, while also decreasing their risk of testicular cancer and prostate issues. Unspayed females are more prone to breast and uterine cancers and infections. We only adopt our dogs to responsible pet owners. We believe spaying or neutering is part of being a responsible pet owner by helping reduce pet overpopulation and taking steps to lengthen and enrich their pets’ lives. There are two exceptions to this rule: (1) If a veterinarian has recommended against spaying or neutering due to a potential health risk from the procedure.      (2) If the potential adopter's pet is an AKC registered show dog.



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